Monday, April 30, 2007

Avery Just Playing

Avery playing with her new toys and just hanging out with Mommy.

Life of the Party!

Avery enjoyed being the center of attention at her party and she didn't even notice that some of her fan club fell asleep. It was a happening party!

Birthday Party with the Family

On Sunday some of the family got together to celebrate Avery's birthday.

My New Car Seat

We finally decided to upgrade to a big girl car seat for
Avery. She was way to big for her old one and she seems to really like this new one. She loves to play in her car seat and she also loves to nap in it....which is great for road trips.

Day in the Sun!

We had a fun day in the sun on Saturday. It was finally a sunny day and we went up to the Valley to watch Josh play baseball. We all got a little burnt but it was great to just be outside on a beautiful day.

Play Day with Mom

The day after Avery's birthday we spent the day cleaning and boxing up our stuff to move. But we took a little time out to play and paint our toenails ohhh ya and play wit her birthday stuff.

Avery's First Birthday!

It was Avery's 1st Birthday on April the 26th and we celebrated with some of our friends. We had a yummy barbecue and then Avery opened her presents and we ate cake. Avery was so funny opening her present because she just dived right in and was excited about everything she pulled out of her birthday bags. She went around the room and showed everyone what she pulled out of her bags. We were all really excited about her cake and we were ready for her to just jump in and get messy, but that didn't really happen. She just kind of picked at her cake and wasn't really into getting messy. We were a little disappointed but it was still fun!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

On the Go!!!

Avery has just started walking everywhere. She is on the go all the time. She has been trying to walk for a long time now but just this last week she has gotten to where she can go for a longer distance. She never sits still anymore and I am afraid she never will. She also loves to get in our cupboards...especially in the bathroom.

The cutest thing about baseball...

Avery and I love to go and watch Matt play ball...especially when it is a nice sunny day! I don't get to watch as much as I would like to, most of the time I am chasing Avery around and trying to stop her from eating the grass and old sunflower seeds. Our friends Jake and Adel came to watch Matt play and Avery loved having someone else there to entertain her.

Baseball against Montana State

Here are some pictures of the games against Montana State. We won 2 and lost one. Matt went 8 for 13 over the weekend at the plate.

All The Cousins

All the cousins after an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Erickson's. Jake included (once a kid always a kid)

Easter Time